HSSC Clerk Answer Key 13 november exam evening session Code A, B, C, D

By | November 14, 2016

HSSC Clerk Exam 13 november Evening Session Answer key for SET Code A, B, C and D.

Ques 1 : ग्राम उदय से भारत उदय का शुभारम्भ 14 अप्रैल 2016 कहाँ से हुआ ?

Ans : मध्य प्रदेश

Ques 2 : विश्व के किन देशों के समू में किस में  गेंहू और चावल की उच्च उपज किस्म विकसित हुयी?

Ans : USA और JAPAN

Ques 3 : भंगड़ा किस राज्य का लोक नृत्य है ?

Ans : पंजाब

Ques 4: करो या मरो का नारा किस आन्दोलन से संभंधित है ?

Ans : भारत छोडो आन्दोलन

Ques 5 : सर्वप्रथम पंचायती राज लागू करने वाला राज्य ?

Ans : राजस्थान और आंध्र प्रदेश

Ques 6 : Series 2, 8, 14, 20,26,32, 38, .., ..

Ans : 44,50

Ques 7 : JAK, KBL, LCM, MDN, …..?

Ans : NEO

Ques 8: Word Does not belong to the other?

Ans : Car

Ques 9 : Odometer is to mileage as compass is to

Ans : Direction

Ques 10: In a march past, 7 persons are standing in row. Q is standing left to R but right to P. O is standing right to N and left to P. Similary S is standing Right to R and left to T. Find out the middle person?

Ans : Q

Ques 11 :The cost price of 20 articles is same as the selling price of X articles. If the profit is 25% then the value of X?

Ans : 16

Ques 12 : The average monthly expenditure of a family was Rs 2200 during the first three months, 2550 rs during next 4 months 3120 Rs during last 5 months of the year. If the total saving during the year was 1260 rs find average monthly Income.

Ans : 2805

Ques 13 : Find the HCF of 54, 288, 360.

Ans : 18

Ques 14.


Ques 15: Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 20 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. If both the pipes are used to gether then how long it will take to fill the tank?

Ans : 12 Minutes

Quest 16: The PH of the human blood is approximately

Ans : 7.4

Ques 17  :Optical fiber is based on the phenomenon of

Ans: D) Total Internal Reflection

Ques 18 : In which are a spreadsheet software is more useful?

Ans : Statistics

Ques 19: Responsible for extra strength of pyrex glass?

Ans : Borax

Ques 20 : Carbon Dating Makes use of the principle of the ?

Ans : Radioactivity

Ques 21: Gujri Mahal in Haryana?

Ans : Hisar

Ques 22: Hero Motorcycle manufacturing factory in Haryana?

Ans: Rewari

Ques 23 : Medical University in karnal on the name of ?

Ans:  Kalpana Chawla

Ques 24 : which district of the Haryana is not sandy in options?

Ans : Kurukshetra

Ques 25 : Birbal ka Chatta is situated in?

Ans: Narnaul

Ques 26 : Objective of lying rail line till farrukhnagar was?

Ans : for salt

Ques 27: Haryana Pashudhan Yojna started in?

Ans : Jhajjar

Ques 28 : New brand ambassador of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao?

Ans : Sakshi Malik

Ques 29 : Copper Coins of Harshwardhan period was found in?

Ans: Pehowa

Ques 30  :First Non Congress CM of haryana was?

Ans: Rao Birendra Singh

Ques 31 : Chaudhary Charan Singh Agriculture University is in?

Ans : Hisar

Ques 32 : which district of the Haryana does not form the boundary with the Yamuna river?

Ans : Rohtak

Ques 33 : Chinese Traveller hiuen-Tsang, Visited Haryana Region during the period of?

Ans: Harshawardhan

Ques 34 : New Industrial Township in Gurgaon , MOU with?

Ans  : Japan Fortune Land Development

Ques 35 : Tourism, Technical Education, Parliamentary Affairs Minister?

Ans : Ram Bilas Sharma

Ques 36 : Mangiana Project of Sirsa comes under which mission?

Ans : Centre of Excellence for Fruits, an Indo-Israel project (This is not in options)

Ques 37 : Historic Town Rania is in which District?

Ans : Sirsa

Ques 38 : Minister Banwari Lal Belongs to which district?

Ans : Bawal

Ques 39 : Which river is not originated from the Shivalik?

Ans : Tangri

Ques 40 : total Districts in Haryana?

Ans : 22

Ques 41 : Birth Place of Mahavir Swami?

Ans : Vaishali

Ques 42 : On which river bank Alexandra and Porus did fight?

Ans : Jhelum

Ques 43 : Which river does not flow into the Arabian Sea?

Ans: Godavari

Ques 44 : Crop to which alternate spell of rains and sunny weather are ideal for?

Ans : Jute

Ques 45 : Who is supreme Commander of the Indian Armed forces?

Ans : President

Ques 46 : Who was the chairman of the drafting committee of the constituent Assembly?

Ans: Dr B.R. Ambedkar

Ques 47 : When was TATA Steel and TATA Iron set up in Jamshedpur?

Ans : 1907

Ques 48 : When was general Insurance Corporation of India Formed?

Ans: 1972

Ques 49 : Color of the Chakra of India’s National Flag?

Ans : Navy Blue

Ques 50 : How many Lions are visible on Our national Emblem ?

Ans : 3

Ques  51:  who won an oscar award for Costume designing ?

Ans. Bhanu Athiya

Ques 52 : Who was the first captain of India Test Cricket Team?

Ans : C.K Naidu

Ques 53 : with which slogan was Independent India’s first stamp issued?

Ans : Jai Hind

Ques 54 : When was the first Asiad held in Delhi?

Ans: 1951 (originally scheduled to be held in 1950, but postponed until 1951 due to delays in preparations)

Ques 55 : In which Country Was the Nazi party founded?

Ans : Germany

Ques 56 : Name the East Asian neighboring country of Indian which became Independent in 1948?

Ans : Myanmar

Ques 57 : leaning Tower of Pisa located in?

Ans : Italy

Ques 58 : How long does the earth take to complete one rotation on its axis?

Ans : 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds

Ques 59 : In which year SAARC Formed?

Ans : 1985

Ques 60 : Headquarter of the UNO?

Ans : Newyork

Ques 61 : Which of the following parts in human body is affected by leukemia ?

Ans : Blood

Ques 62 : gallbladder is located inside which organ?

Ans :Liver

Ques 63 : FIFA 2018 World Cup will be held in?

Ans : Russia

Ques 64 : Distance between each set of stumps in cricket?

Ans : 22 Yards

Ques 65 : How long does it take for the moonlight to reach the earth?

Ans : 1.3 Seconds

Ques 66 : The first Green train corridor of the country was inaugurated between Rameswaram and mana Madurai in which state?

Ans : Tamil Nadu

Ques 67 : New President of the Microsoft India?

Ans : Anant Maheshwari

Ques 68 : Which of the following sports has been included by International Olympic Committee for 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

Ans: Skateboard, Karate, Surfing (All). Ans is D

Ques 69: Roll Out of GST from?

Ans: 1 April 2017

Ques 70 : When Vijaya Rupani sworn in as Gujarat CM?

Ans : 7 August 2016

Ques 71 : Series in which 7 in middle and 3 & 1 are on either side?

Ans : 3

Ques 72 : In a march past (Same as question 10).

Ans : Q

Ques 73 : Choose the correct alternative :

Genuine : Authentic :: Mirage :…….?

Ans : Illusion

Ques 74 : Choose the odd one : Garnet, Ruby, Graphite, Emerald?

Ans : Graphite

Ques 75 : choose the missing term: AB, DEF, HIJK, ?, STUVWX


Ques 76 : Bhajan Singh Purchased 120 reams of paper at Rs 80 per ream. he spent Rs 280 on Transportation. Paid octroi at the rate of 40 Paise per ream. and paid 72 Rs to the coolie. If he wants to have a gain of 8% what must be the selling price of per ream.

Ans : 90 Rs.

Ques 77: An employee’s average contribution to his provident funds for the first 9 months was rs 3500 each and for each of the remaining 3 months, the contribution was Rs 5500. By what amount was his total contribution short of Rs 58000?

Ans : 10000

Ques 78: The least multiple of 7 which leaves a remainder of 4, when divided by 6,9,15 and 18 is? options 74,94,184,364

Ans . 364

Ques 79: If one third of one fourth of a number is 15, then three tenth of that number is?

Ans : 54

Ques 80 : A tank can be filled by a tap in 20 minutes and by another tap in 60 minutes. Both the taps are kept open for 10 minutes and then the 1st tap is stopped. After this, the tank will be completely filled in?

Ans : 20 Minutes

Ques 81 : who among the following is associated with the invention of the computer?

Ans : Babbage

Ques 82 : which of the following criteria is used for any metal to be used as a cooking utensil?

Ans : Less Thermal Conductivity

Ques 83 : which of the following metals is not affected by air and water under ordinary condition?

Ans : Platinum

Ques 84 : how many pairs of the walking legs does a cockroach have?

Ans : 3

Ques 85 : Enzymes help in

Ans : Digestion

Ques 86 : Correctly spelled word ?

Ans : silhouette

Ques 87 : She stood —- the window and looked out —- a gray cat?

Ans : By, at

Ques 88 : An officer must know how to handle his men.

Find the best expressive meaning of the above-underlined word?

Ans : manage

Ques 89 : Opposite meaning of underlined word.

The terms of the agreement were deliberately vague.

Ans: Specific.

Ques 90. same meaning

One who cannot die.

Ans :  Immortal.

Ques 91 : अपना हाथ जगन्नाथ का अर्थ ?

Ans : अपने सामर्थ्य पर विश्वास होना

Ques 92 : स्वरों का जो रूप व्यंजनों के साथ जोड़ा जाता है उसे, कहते हैं ?

Ans : वर्णमाला

Ques 93 : शुद्ध शब्द

Ans :कवयित्री

Ques 94 : रम्य का अर्थ ?

Ans : सुन्दर

Ques 95 : कामायनी के लेखक ?

Ans : जयशंकर प्रसाद

Ques 96 : प्राकृत व्याकरण के लेखक ?

Ans: hemchandra

Ques 97 : जिसका कहीं कोई अंत न होता हो ?

Ans : अनंत

Ques 98 : अमृत का पर्यायवाची 

Ans : पियूष

Ques 99: रिक्तस्थान भरो

जाती का आधार —- , वर्ण का गुण कर्म

Ans : धर्म

Ques 100 : वदऊँ गुरु पद पदम् परागा

Ans : अनुप्रास अलंकार

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